Installation of Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer in Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7.
Posted by Joshua May on February 20 2012 07:39 PM


Certain websites require an ActiveX plugin to view Crystal Reports information.  However, the Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer plugin will not install itself when using Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7.  Special steps are needed.


There are two ways to install the plugin:

1) Manually:

(1) There are four .dll files that need to be copied onto the computer: CRVIEWER.DLL, REPORTPARAMETERDIALOG.DLL, SVIEWHLP.DLL and SWEBRS.DLL.  These files can be copied from a machine that already has the plugin installed, or from a computer that has Crystal Reports software installed (Note: the computer does not need the Crystal Reports software installed to use this plugin).  It is recommended that the files are copied to a folder that won't be accidentally deleted, for example: "C:\Widows\System32" (where Windows system .dll files are stored). 

(2) The four .dll files need to be registered on the computer. To do so, you need to have administrator privileges on the machine and you must run the command "regsvr32 /s" from a command prompt, for example: "regsvr32 /s CRVIEWER.dll".


2) Configure Windows to allow automatic install: 

(1) Login to a local administrator account.

(2) Add the website that prompted the Crystal Reports ActiveX installation to your trusted sites list.

(3) Enable User Account Control (UAC) at the default level - reboot if needed.

(4) Launch Internet Explorer 8, browse to the website (that prompted the Crystal Reports ActiveX installation) and click through the prompts.

(5) Once the plugin is installed, it can be run by non-administrators on the same machine.



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